Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao

Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao (Telugu: నందమూరి తారక రామా రావు) (born Nimmakuru, Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh; 28 May 1923–18 January 1996), also known as NTR, was an actor,director, producer, and politician. He is the founder of Telugu Desam Party in 1982 and served asChief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. He was awarded the Padma Shri by the Government of India in 1968, recognizing his contribution to Telugu cinema. After his career in movies, Rao became a political activist and a political party leader.

Career as an actor

He started his career playing a police inspector in the movie Mana Desam (1949).The role is offered by the legendary director L V Prasad.He portrayed Lord Krishna in Maya Bazaar, Sri Krishnaarjuna Yuddham, Dana Veera Sura Karna, Lord Rama (Lava Kusa), Bheeshma(Bheeshma), Ravana (Bhookailasa), and Arjuna (Nartanasala).

NTR was referred to by the Telugu Film Industry as “Nata Sarvabhouma” (Emperor of Acting) in Telugu till date.

Though widely recognised for his mythological characters, NTR is considered one of the greatest actors in Telugu film, and in general in South Indian films. His portrayal of Lord Krishna in Maya Bazaar by B. Nagi Reddy, a producer at Vijaya Productions, was a turning point in his life. His portrayal of avatars of Vishnu, especially Rama ravana and Krishna, mesmerised an entire generation who saw the face of NTR when these gods were mentioned.

NTR had a major contribution to what can be considered the golden age of telugu film making, between 1950 and 1965. Analysts believe that the Telugu film industry produced some of the best mythological movies from India, while the Tamil and Hindi movie industry produced better socially oriented films.

NTR was naturally talented and extremely disciplined about various aspects of acting like preparation, punctuality, and dialogue delivery. An important factor that made him a great actor was his ability to deliver extremely lengthy dialogues that were original verses from the Ramayana and the Mahabharata with a fervour and command unmatched by most of his contemporaries, with certain exceptions like S. V. Ranga Rao whom people and industry will consider as best character actor in Telugu film industry. In addition, he generally played multiple roles in the same movie, which increased the number of dialogues and hence the preparation required.

NTR was very versatile. In Tamil Nadu, Shivaji Ganesan was much better known for his acting skill and talent and M. G. Ramachandran was much more known for his commercial movies. NTR struck a balance between both kinds of cinema. He used to perform roles in mythological movies like those only Shivaji could perform and even do commercial Janapadham (where the adventurous prince saves the damsel in distress) films which were Ramachandran’s forte.

NTR, in fact, played the role of Lord Krishna not only in Telugu Movies, but also in Tamil and Kannada movies. While the megastars – Ramachandran, Shivaji Ganesan and Kannada Rajkumar vied for the roles of other Mahabharata heroes like Karna, Arjuna and Bhima, there was no denying that NTR would be the only one to play Lord Krishna. This is probably the greatest tribute to Rao’s charismatic cine-genius.

One of his greatest janapadams was “Jagadekaveeruni katha” (the story of the universal hero) where he plays the role of Pratap, the prince of Ujjain. He dreams of celestial damsels as his wives, but on revealing the dream to his father, he is banished from the kingdom. The heroic prince then does the impossible – passing the various tests put to him, winning the celestial damsels and bringing them home to his kingdom. Another one of his janapadams was “Gulebakavali katha” (the story of Gulebakavali) where he plays the role of a prince who sets out to the heavens to bring the flower named “Gulebakavali” in order to cure his poisoned father, even wining Indra’s daughter in the process.

As time passed by, NTR stopped playing the role of the prince in films. Instead, he played the role of a poor yet heroic young man against the system in his kingdom. To the lakhs of the denizens in Andhra Pradesh, he became ‘one of us’ — one who assures the poor that he is there to rescue them from the wicked traitors in the kingdom.

The most notable movies acted by NTR in mythological characters are Maya Bazaar (Sri Krishna), Lava Kusa (Lord Rama), Sri Krishnaarjuna Yuddham (Sri Krishna), Bheeshma (Bheeshma), Bhookailas(Raavana), Nartanasala (Arjuna also as Bruhannala), Panadava-vanavsam (Bheema), Sri Venkateswara Mahatyam (Lord Venkateswara), Maha Mantri Thimmarusu (Sri Krishna Devarayalu) and Dana Veera Sura Karna (Duryodhana, Sri Krishna, Karna). Apart from these he played a variety of roles in folklore characters like Jagadeka Veeruni Katha, Pathala Bhairavi etc. On the social front he played roles in the movies Malliswari, Kanyasulkam, Gundamma Katha, Missamma, Raktha Sambandham, Ramudu Bheemudu, Adavi Ramudu, Vetagadu, Gajadonga, Driver Ramudu, Sardar Paparayudu, Kondaveeti Simham, Justice Chaudhary, Bobbili Puli etc. He acted in over two hundred and eighty movies in the lead role.

He also donned the roles of an elderly teacher (Badi Pantulu) becoming a model to his pupils, as a prince and pauper (Raju-Peda), a down to earth servant dedicated to his master (Aatma Bhanduvu).

He actively campaigned for the construction of a large number of movie theaters in rural locations and was influential in designing and implementing a financial system that funded the production and distribution of movies.


NTR became a director with the film named Seetharama Kalyanam (1961)with him playing the role of Ravanasura and Haranath as Rama. None of the Telugus can forget NTR for his portrayal of Ravana and Galipenchala Narasimha Rao, the great musician, for his composition of the song, ‘Sri Seetharamula Kalyanamu Chootamu Rarandi..’ – both in the movie ‘Seetharama Kalyanam’. Ever fresh, loved by every generation, the song and the tune stand as a symbol of the greatness of the music directors of the olden days.NTR’s name doesn’t appear in the title credits as a director.Nandamuri Lakshmaiah Chowdary and Venkatravamma, parents of NTR, appeared on screen for the first and last time before the title credits. After watching the film, Jagadguru Kanchi Peetadhipati, Sri Paramacharya Chandrasekhara Saraswati Swami blessed NTR with the title ‘Vishwa Vikyatha Natasarvabouma’.

Career in Politics

NTR formed the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) on 29 March 1982. While promoting a new film, he was asked a question by a person in the audience “ayya, memu mimmalni devudu laga adarinchamu, kani meeru maku emi chesaru?” meaning “Sir, we have treated you like a God but what have you done for us?”.[citation needed] He was so moved by this that he formed TDP, and with a victory in the immediate election, formed the government and ruled the state of AP for a full term. He went into the elections with the slogan “Atma Gauravam” which meant “self-pride”.

Like his films, the formation of the party and storming into the assembly was very dramatic. TDP came into power within nine months of its formation. Initially ridiculed by the Congress that state politics is not like movie acting among others, TDP was considered a no match for the faction ridden Congress, with the local representatives unheard of, the complete burden rested on the shoulders of NTR, and true to his charisma he won the elections with a landslide majority winning over 220 seats out 290 odd. Among other reasons why he won the elections was no real alternative to the Congress, lack of development, unemployment etc. He was very well supported by Ramoji Rao who gave wide publicity through the Telugu daily Eenadu. NTR himself contested elections from the constituency of Hindupur in Anantapur District and Gudivada in krishna district.

On Independence day, August 15, 1984, he was removed from office by the Governor of AP in view of a revolt by his aide and 2nd in command Nadella Bhaskar Rao. Due to the public agitation in favor of NTR the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had to dismiss the Nadella Bhaskar Rao government in just one month and hand power back to NTR. Then NTR dissolved the assembly and asked for fresh mandate in 1985.

He was returned to power with even bigger majority; among the most significant changes he made was to abolish the Legislative Council of the State of Andhra Pradesh citing the reason that it was a non-performing body which just a burden on the state exchequer. NTR lost badly in the subsequent election held in 1989 against Marri Chenna Reddy of the Congress party. The TDP could only secure 90 seats in this election. During the same period he gained valuable experience and had people like N. Chandrababu Naidu and Daggubati Venkateswara Rao (both sons-in-law) in his party.

Other contributions of NTR included the educational reforms he brought about in the state, where he overhauled the entire state’s education syllabus for schools. He instituted statewide entrance examinations for all disciplines of higher education vis-à-vis Engineering, Medicine, Pharmacy, Law, and MBA to name a few. Students, based on the merit of their ranks obtained in these tests, could join any state college of their choice.

NTR is also a statesman in his deeds. He did not put a contestant opposite former Congress Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao, hence made the process smooth for him to get elected. [Citation needed]

It is noteworthy that though he didn’t know Hindi, he gave a speech for forty-five minutes in a packed stadium in Haryana. He later revealed that he had memorized the speech phonetically. Devilal, Haryana Leader was shocked to learn this, but NTR was always an electrifying man. [Citation needed]

Even though he lost the 1989 elections, he shot to fame at the national level and was capable of uniting many regional parties. He formed the National Front with parties like Janata Dal , Bharateeya Janata party, CPI and CPM as an alternative to Congress.

NTR stormed back to power in 1994 when he promised he would offer rice at Rs. 2/kg and to make AP an “Alcohol Free” state. True to his word he kept his promises only to burden the state exchequer. He also faced serious problems within his party. N. Chandrababu Naidu led a sudden revolt against Rao and split the TDP into two. Naidu survived NTR’s onslaught when Rao approached the public for an opinion. The break-up of the party and the drama that took place on the Tank-Bund near Hotel Viceroy (road connecting Hyderabad and Secunderabad on the banks of Hussain Sagar) were probably the last significant events in Rao’s life. Naidu became the chief minister of AP on 29 August 1995.

The loss of power and the subsequent events can be summed up as the start of anti-climax in NTR’s life with several people believing that his second wife Lakshmi Parvathi was responsible for happenings, but recent reports suggest she is made a scape goat. NTR died soon after on 18 January 1996. Lakhs of people flooded to pay homage.Even today crore of people remember NTR and mourn for his loss man who left ever lasting image among Indians in general and Telugu people in particular.

NTR is still the most prominent figure in Andhra even 15 years after his death according to a CNN-IBN poll which shows that 70 percent of the people voted and thus selected him as a most prominent Andhrite. [Citation needed] Others coming distant second, all put together securing some 30 percent at the maximum. Such was a legacy that is left by him.

NTR has several grand sons and daughters, the best known amongst them are NTR Jr. Among his sons Nandamuri Balakrishna is a popular film actor in Telugu. Rao’s daughter Bhuvaneswari who is also the wife of N. Chandrababu Naidu is the vice chairman of Heritage Foods one of South India’s largest dairy company and Purandhreswari,wife of D.Venkateswara Rao is a minister in the current congress federal government.


No.	Movie			Released	Heroine		Director	Banner  
01.     Manadesam		24.11.1949	Krishnaveni	L.V.Prasad	M.R.A
02.     Shaavukaru		07.04.1950	Janaki		L.V.Prasad	Vijaya
03.     Palleturipilla		27.04-1950	Anjali Devi	B.A.Subbarao	Sobhanachala
04.     MaayaRambha		15.09.1950	Anjali,		T.P.Sundaram	ModernTheater
05.     Samsaaram		29.12.1950	Lakshmirajyam	L.V.Prasad	Vijaya
06.     MaayaRambha(T)	              1951	Anjali, 	T.P.Sundaram	ModernTheater
07.     PaatalaBhairavi		15.03.1951	Malathi		K.V.Reddy	Vijaya
08.     PaatalaBhairavi(T)	15.03.1951	Malathi		K.V.Reddy	Vijaya
09.     Malleswari		20.12.1951	Bhanumathi	B.N.Reddy	Vaahini
10.     Pellichesichudu		      1952	Varalakshmi	L.V.Prasad	Vijaya
11.     Daasi			      1952	Lakshmirajyam	L.V.Prasad	Rajyam
12.     Palleturu		      1952      Savitri		T.PrakasaRao	P.A.P
13.     KalyanamPannippar(T)	      1952	Varalakshmi	L.V.Prasad	Vijaya
14.     Velaikarimagal(T)	      1952	Lakshmirajyam	L.V.Prasad	RajyamPictures
15.     PaatalaBhairavi(H)	15.03.1951	Malathi		K.V.Reddy	Vijaya
16.     Ammalakkalu		12.03.1953	Padmini		D.Yoganand	KrishnaPictures
17.     Marumugal (T)		12.03.1953	Padmini		D.Yoganand	KrishnaPictures
18.     PichiPullayya		17.07.1953	Krishnakumari	T.PrakasaRao	N.A.T
19.     Chandiraani		28.08.1953	Bhanumathi	P.S.R.Rao	Bharani
20      Chandiraani(T)		28.08.1953	Bhanumathi	P.S.R.Rao	Bharani
21.     Chandiraani(H)		28.08.1953	Bhanumathi	P.S.R.Rao	Bharani
22.     ChandraHaaram		06.01.1954	Sriranjani	K.KameswarRao	Vijaya
23.     ChandraHaaram(T)	06.01.1954	Sriranjani	K.KameswarRao	Vijaya
24.     VaddanteDabbu		19.02.1954	Janaki, Jamuna	Y.R.Swami	Rohini
25.     ToduDongalu		15.04.1954	Hemalata	D.Yoganand	N.A.T
26.     Rechukka		23.05.1954	AnjaliDevi	P.Pullayya	Prathibha
27.     Raju Peda		25.06.1954	Lakshmirajyam	B.A.SubbaRao	B.A.S.P
28.     Sangham			10.07.1954	Vaijayantimala	M.V.Raman	A.V.M
29.     Sangham (T)		10.07.1954	Vaijayantimala	M.V.Raman	A.V.M
30.     AggiRamudu		05.08.1954	Bhanumathi	S.M.S.Naidu	Pakshiraj
31.     Parivarthana		01.09.1954	Savitri		T.PrakasaRao	Janata
32.     IddaruPellalu		06.10.1954	Jamuna		F.Nagur		N.C.P
33.     Missamma		12.01.1955	Savitri		L.V.Prasad	Vijaya
34.     Vijayagauri		30.06.1955	Padmini		D.Yoganand	KrishnaPictures
35.     Cherapakudacheduvu	06.07.1955	Janaki		K.BhaskaraRao	BhaskarProd.
36.     Jayasimha		21.10.1955	Savitri, Janaki	D.Yoganand	N.A.T
37.     KanyaSulkam		26.08.1955	Savitri, Janaki	P.Pullayya	Vinoda
38.     Santhosham		24.12.1955	Anjali, Jamuna	C.P.Dixit	Jupiter
39.     NayaAadmi		      1956	AnjaliDevi	C.P.Dixit	Jupiter
40.     Tenali Ramakrishna	12.01.1956	Bhanumathi	B.S.Ranga	VikramProd
41.     Tenali Raaman(T)	12.01.1956	Bhanumathi	B.S.Ranga	VikramProd.
42.     Chintamani		11.04.1956	Bhanumathi	P.S.R.Rao	Bharani
43      Jayam Manadhe		04.05.1956	AnjaliDevi	T.PrakasaRao	Rajasri
44.     Sontavooru		23.05.1956	Rajasulochana	E.S.Murthy	G.V.S.P
45.     Umaasundari		20.07.1956	Kannamba	P.Pullayya	Jupiter
46.     Chiranjeevulu		      1956	Jamuna		V.Raghava	Vinoda
47.     SriGauriMahatyam	05.10.1956	Sriranjani	D.Yoganand	Maheevari
48.     PenkiPellam		06.12.1956	Rajasulochana	K.Kameswararao	Saahithi
49.     Marmaveeran (T)               1956	Vijayanthimala	Raghunath T     JubleeFilms
50.     Charanadaasi		20.12.1956	AnjaliDevi	T.PrakasaRao	Lalitha
No.	Movie			Released	Heroine		Director	Banner  
51.   Bhagyarekha		20.02.1957	Jamuna		B.N.Reddy	PonnaluriBros.
52.   Maayabazaar		27.03.1957	Savitri		K.V.Reddy	Vijaya
53.   Maayabazaar(T)		12.04.1957	Savitri		K.V.Reddy	Vijaya
54.   Veerakankanam		16.05.1957	Jamuna		G.R.Rao		ModernTheater
55.   Sankalpam			19.05.1957	Kusuma		C.V.R.Dasu	Sadhana
56.   VinayakaChavithi		22.08.1957	Jamuna		Samudrala	Aswaraj
57.   BhaleAmmayilu		06.09.1957	Savitri		V.Raghavayya	NarasuStudios
58.   SatiAnasooya		27.10.1957	Jamuna		Nagabhushanam	Rajasri
59.   Saarangadhara		01.11.1957	Bhanumathi	V.S.Raghavan	Minerva
60.   Kutumbagauravam		07.11.1957	Savitri		B.S.Ranga	VikramProd.
61.   PandurangaMahatyam	28.11.1957	AnjaliDevi	K.Kameswarrao	N.A.T
62.   AnnaTammudu		15.03.1958	Janaki		C.S.Rao		Rajarajeswari
63.   Bhookailas		20.03.1958	Jamuna		K.Sankar	A.V.M
64.   Sobha			01.05.1958	AnjaliDevi	K.Kameswarrao	Ponnaluri Bros.
65.   Raajanandini		04.07.1958	AnjaliDevi	V.Raghavayya	Jalaruha
66.   Manchimanasuku-		15.08.1958	Rajasulochana	C.S.Rao		Sri Prod.
67.   KathavarayaniKatha	18.10.1958	Savitri		T.R.Ramanna	R.R. Pictures
68.   Intiguttu			07.11.1958	Savitri		V.Raghavayya	Sangita
69.   SampurnaRamayanam(T)            1958	Padmini		K.Somu		M.B.K Pict.
70.   Appuchesi Pappukudu	14.01.1959	Savitri		L.V.Prasad	Vijaya
71.   Rajasevai(T)		      1959	Anjali		V.Raghavayya	Swasthisri Prod.
72.   Rechukka-Pagatichukka	14.05.1959	Janaki		K.Kameswarrao	Swasthisri Prod.
73.   Sabash Raamudu		04.09.1959	Devika		C.S.Rao		Rajasri
74.   Daivabhalam		17-09.1959	Jayasri		P.V.Reddy	Ponnuluri Bros.
75.   Baalanagamma		09.10.1959	Anjali		V.Raghavayya	S.V.R.Films
76.   Vachinakodalu-		16.10.1959	Jamuna		D.Yoganand	Sudhakar Films
77.   BandaRamudu		06.11.1959	Savitri		P.Pullayya	SantiArt Prod.
78.   Sri Venkateswara		09.01.1960	Savitri		P.Pullayya	Padmasri
79.   Rajamakutam		24.02.1960	Rajasulochana	B.N.Reddy	Vahini
80.   Rajamakutam (T)		24.02.1960	Rajasulochana	B.N.Reddy	Vahini
81.   Rani Ratnaprabha		27.05.1960	Anjali		B.A.Subbarao	B.A.S
82.   Devaantakudu		07.07.1960	Krishnakumari	C.Pullayya	BhargaviFilms
83.   Vimala			11.08.1960	Savitri		S.M.S.Naidu	Pakshiraja
84.   Deepavali			22.09.1960	Savitri		S.Rajnikanth	Asvaraj
85.   Bhatti Vikramarka		28.09.1960	Anjali		J.C.Rao		P.V.V.S.M
86.   Kaadeddulu ekaram nela	06.10.1960	Janaki		J.C.Rao		Ponnuluri Bros.
87.   Bhaktaraghunath(G)	04.11.1960			Samudrala	G.V.S.Prod.
88.   Sitharama Kalyanam	06.01.1961	SarojaDevi	N.T.Ramarao	N.A.T
89.   Intiki Deepam Illale	26.01.1961	SarojaDevi	V.N.Reddy	R.R.Pictures
90.   Satee Sulochana		05.05.1961	Anjali		S.Rajnikanth	SrikanthProd.
91.   Pendli Pilupu		05.05.1961	Devika		A.Seshagirirao	D.B.N
92.   Saantha			14.07.1961	Anjali		M.Apparao	SantikalaFilms
93.   Jagadekaveruni Katha	09.08.1961	SarojaDevi	K.V.Reddi	Vijaya
94.   Kalisi Unte Kaladhu-      08.09.1961	Savitri		T.Chaanakya	Sarathi
95.   Taxi Raamudu		18.10.1961	Devika		Madhusushanrao	Sriramakrishna
96.   Gulebavali Katha		05.01.1962	Jamuna		N.T.Ramarao	N.A.T
97.   Gaalimedalu		09.02.1962	Devika		B.R.Pantulu	Padmini Pict.
98.   TigerRamudu		08.03.1962	Rajasulochana	C.S.Rao		SriSrinivasa
99.   Bheeshma			19.04.1962	Anjali		B.A.Subbarao	B.A.S
100.  Daksha Yagna		10.05.1962	Devika		Nagabhushanam	Varalakshmi
No.	Movie			Released	Heroine		Director	Banner  
101.	Gundamma Katha		07.06.1962	Savitri		K.Kameswarrao	Vijaya
102.	Mahamantri-		26.07.1962	Devika		K.Kameswarrao	Gautami
103.     Swarnamanjari		10.08.1962	Anjali		V.Raghavayya	AnjaliPict.
104.     RakthaSambandham	01.11.1962	Devika, 	Savitri		Rajalakshmi
105.     Aatmabandhuvu		14.12.1962	Savitri		Ramakrishnarao	SarathiStudios
106.     Sri Krishnarjuna-	09.01.1963	SarojaDevi	K.V.Reddy	Jayanthi Pict.
107.     Irugu-Porugu		11.01.1963	Krishnakumari	I.S.Murthy	Kalaprapurna
108.     Pempudu Koothuru	06.02.1963	Janaki		B.R.Pantulu	Padmini Pict.
109.     Valmiki		09.02.1963	Rajasulochana	C.S.Rao		Jupiter
110.     SavatiKoduku		22.02.1963	Janaki		Y.Rangarao	NavinaChitra
111.     Lavakusa		29.03.1963	Anjali		C.Pullyya/Rao	LalitaSivajyoti
112.     Lavakusa(T)		      1963	Anjali		C.Pullyya/Rao	LalitaSivajyoti
113.     Lavakusa(H)		      1963	Anjali		C.Pullyya/Rao	LalitaSivajyoti
114.     Paruvu-Prathishta	09.05.1963	Anjali		M.Apparao	Valta Prod.
115.     Aaptamitrulu		29.05.1963	Krishnakumari	Nagabhushanam	Rajarajeswari
116.     Bandipotu		15.08.1963	Krishnakumari 	B.Vittalacharya	Rajalakshmi
117.     Lakshadhikari		27.09.1963	Krishnakumari	Madhusudhanarao	RavindraArts
118.     TirupatammaKatha	04.10.1963	Krishnakumari	B.S.Narayana	Gokul Prod.
119.     Nartanasala		11.10.1963	Savitri		K.Kameswarrao	Rajyam Pict.
120.     Manchichedu		07.11.1963	Sarojadevi	T.R.Ramana	R.R.Pictures
121.     Karnan(T)		      1964	Savitri		B.R.Pantulu	Padmini Pict.
122.     Karna			      1964      Savitri		B.R.Pantulu	Padmini Pict
123.     Karna (H)		      1964      Savitri		B.R.Pantulu	Padmini Pict
124.	Gudiganatalu		14.01.1964      Krishnakumari	Madhusudhanrao	RajaLakshmi
125.	Marmayogi		22.02.1964	Krishnakumari   B.A.Subbarao	Jupiter Prod.
126.     KalavariKodalu		14.03.1964	Krishnakumari	Hemabhadrarao	Raghuram
127.     Desadrohulu		07.05.1964	Devika		B.Subbarao	SriRamapics
128. 	RamuduBhemudu		21.05.1964	Jamuna		T.Chanakya	Suresh Prod.
129.	Satyanaarayana-		27.06.1964	KrishnaKumari	S.Rajnikanth	Aswaraja Pict.
130.     Aggipidugu		31.07.1964	Krishnakumari	B.Vittalacharya	Vithal Prod.
131.     Dagudu moothalu	21.08.1964	KrishnaKumari	A.Subbarao	D.B.N
132.	SabhaashSoori		19.09.1964	Krishnakumari	I.N.Murthy	R.R.Pict.
133.     BhabruVaahana		22.10.1964	Varalakshmi	Samudrala	SriNationalArt
134.     Vivaahabandham		23.10.1964	Bhanumathi	Ramakrishnarao	Bharani Pict.
135.	Manchimanishi		11.11.1964	Jamuna		K.Pratyagatma	Chayachitra
136.     Vaarasatwam		19.11.1964	Anjali		T.Chanakya	Subhodaya
137.     Bobbiliyudham		04.12.1964	Bhanumathi	R.Sitaram	Republic Prod.
138.     Bhaktharamdasu(G)	23.12.1964	    --		V.Naagayya	V.N.Films
139.	Bhaktharamadas(T)	23.12.1964	    --		V.Naagayya	SriAkhilaPict.
140.     NaadiAadajanme		07.01.1965	Savitri		Trilokchander	Srivani Films
141.	Pandavavanavasam	14.01.1965	Savitri		K.Kameswarrao	Madhavi Prod.
142.	DorikitheDongalu	26.02.1965	Jamuna		P.Subrahmanyam	Chandamama
143.     Mangammasapadam	06.03.1965	Jamuna		B.Vittalacharya	D.V.S. Prod.
144.	Satya Harischandra	22.04.1965	Varalakshmi	K.V.Reddy	Vijaya
145.     Todu Needa		12.05.1965	Jamuna		A.Subbarao	Vijayabhat
146      Prameelaarjuneeyam	11.06.1965	Sarojadevi	Mallikarjunrao	S.R.Movies
147.	Devatha			24.07.1965	Savitri		K.H.Rao		Rekha&Murali
148.	Veerabhimanyu		12.08.1965	Kanchana	Madhusudhanrao	Rajalakshmi
149.	Visala Hridayaalu	09.09.1965	Krishnakumari	B.S.Narayana	GokulArt
150.	C.I.D			23.09.1965	Jamuna		T.Chanakya	Vijaya
No.	Movie			Released	Heroine		Director	Banner  
151.	Aadabrathuku		12.11.1965	Devika		V.Raghavayya	Gemini
152.	Sri Krishna-		13.01.1966	K.R.Vijaya	N.T.Ramarao	N.A.T/RK
153.	Palnati Yudham		18.02.1966	Bhanumathi	G.Raminedu	Sri Anurupa
154.	Sakuntala		03.03.1966	Sarojadevi	K.Kameswarrao	Rajyam
155.    Paramanandayya-		07.04.1966	K.R.Vijaya	C.Pullayya	Sridevi Prod.
       	Sishyula katha
156.    Srikakulaandhra-	06.05.1966	Jamuna		A.K.Sekhar	Sri Sambhu
            Vishnu katha
157.    Mangalasutram		19.05.1966	Devika		A.K.Velan	Arunachalam
158.    Aggibarata		02.06.1966	Rajasri		Vithlacharya	Sri Vithal
159.    Sangeeta lakshmi	07.07.1966	Jamuna		G.Suryam	Sitaramanjaneya
160.    Sri Krishnatulabaram	25.08.1966      Jamuna		K.Kameswarrao	Suresh Prod.
161.	Piduguramudu		10.09.1966	Rajasri		Vithlacharya	D.V.S. Prod.
162.	Adugujaadalu		29.09.1966	Jamuna		T.Chanakya	Navajyoti Films
163.    Dr.Anand		14.10.1966	Kanchana	Madhusudhanrao	Ravindra Art
164.    Gopaludu Bhupaludu	14.01.1967	Jayalalita 	G.Viswanatam	Gauri prod.
165.	Nirdoshi		02.03.1967	Savitri		V.Dadamirasi	Gautami Pict.
166.    Kanchukota		22.03.1967	Savitri		C.S.Rao		Viswasanthi
167. 	Bhuvanasundarikatha	07.04.1967	Krishnakumari	C.Pullayya	Sridevi Prod.
168.	Ummadi Kutumbam		20.04.1967	Krishnakumari	D.Yoganand	N.A.T/RK
169.	Bhaamavijayam		29.06.1967	Devika		C.Pullayya	Sekhar Films
170.    Nindumasasulu		10.08.1967	Devika		S.D.Lal		S.V.S. Films
171.    Stree Janma		31.08.1967	Krishnakumari	K.S.Prakasarao	Suresh Prod.
172.    Sri Krishnaavataram	12.10.1967	Devika		K.Kameswarrao	Tarakarama
173.	Punyavathi		03.11.1967	Bhanumathi	V.Dadamirasi	Vasu Studios
174.    Aadapaduchu		30.11.1967	Chadrakala	HemambaradharraoSubhashini Art
175.	Chikkadu-Dorakadu	21.12.1967	Jayalalita	B.Vithalacharya	Lakshminarayan
176.    Uma chandee gowri-	11.01.1968	Sarojadevi	K.V.Reddy	Vijaya
            Sankarula katha
177.    Niluvu Dopidi		25.01.1968	Devika		C.S.Rao		Manjula
178.	Talliprema		08.03.1968	Savitri		Srikanth	Ajam Arts
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180.    Raamu			04.05.1968	Jamuna		Trilokchander	A.V.M
181.    Kalisochinaadrustam	10.08.1968	Kanchana	K.Viswanath	S.V.S.Films
182.    NinnePelladutha		30.08.1968	Bharathi	B.V.Srinivas	Sri Vithal
183.	Bhagyachakram		13.09.1968	Jayanthi	K.V.Reddy	Jayanthi
184.	Nene Monaganni		04.10.1968	Sheela		S.D.Lal		Prathima
185.	Bhagdadgajadonga	24.10.1968	Jayalalita	D.Yoganand	Padmagauri
186.	Nindusamsaaram		05.12.1968	Krishnakumari	C.S.Rao		Navasakthi
187.    Varakatnam		09.01.1969	Krishnakumari	N.T.Ramarao	N.A.T/RK
188.    Kathanayakudu		27.02.1969	Jayalalita	HemambharadarraoGopalkrishna
189.    Bhalemastaru		27.03.1969	Kanchana	S.D.Lal		V.G.D Prod.
190.	Gandikotarahasyam	01.05.1969	Jayalalita	Vithalacharya	D.V.S. Prod.
191.  	Vichitrakutumbham	28.05.1969	Savitri		K.S.Prakasarao	SriraArt Films
192. 	Kadaladu Vadaladu	09.07.1969	Jayalalita	Vithalacharya	Lakshminarayan
193.    NinduHrudayalu		15.08.1969	Vanisri		K.Viswanath	S.V.S. Films
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200.	Alibaba 40 Dongalu	04.04.1970	Jayalalita	Vithalacharya	SriGauthami
No.	Movie			Released	Heroine		Director	Banner  
201.	Pettamdarulu		30.04.1970	Vijayanirmala	C.S.Rao		Jyoti
202.	Vijayam Manade		15.07.1970	Sarojadevi	Vithalacharya	RajendraArt
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207. 	Oke Kutumbham		25.12.1970	Lakshmi		A.Bhimsing	Ravi Arts
208.	Thirudatha Thirudan	     1970          --		 --	  	Sangham Prod.
209.    Kannan Varuvan	              1970	    --           --             Devalayam
210.	Sri Krishna Vijayam	11.01.1971	Jayalalita	K.Kameswarrao	Kaumudi
211.	Nindu Dampathulu	04.02.1971	Savitri		K.Viswanath	S.V.S. Films
212.	RajakotaRahasyam	12.03.1971	Devika		Vithalacharya	G.R.Prod.
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214.	Raithu Bidda		19.05.1971	Vanisri		B.A.Subbarao	Lakshmikala
215.	Adrustajathakudu	06.08.1971	Vanisri		HemambaradharraoSubhashini
216.	Chinnanati Snehitulu	06.10.1971	Devika		K.Viswanath	D.V.S. Prod.
217.	Pavitra Hrudayalu	24.11.1971	Chandrakala	Trilokchander	S.V.V. Films
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222.	Yerrakota Verudu	      1973		Savitri		Parthasaradhi	T.G.K.Films
223.	Dabbuki Lokam -		12.01.1973	Jamuna		D.Yoganand	S.V.S Films
224.	Desoddharakulu		29.03.1973	Vanisri		C.S.Rao		Deepti Intl.
225.	Dhanama Dhaivama	24.05.1973	Jamuna		C.S.Rao		D.V.S.Prod.
226.	Devudu Chesina-		09.08.1973	Jayalalita	Ramachandrarao	Padmalaya
227.	VaadeVeedu		18.10.1973	Manjula		D.Yoganand	Sri Gautami
228.    Palleturi Chinnodu	09.01.1974	Manjula		Vithalacharya	Sri Vithal
229.	Ammayi Pelli		07.03.1974	Bhanumathi	Bhanumathi	Bharani
230.	Manushullodevudu	05.04.1974	Vanisri		G.V.Prasad	Sri Bhaskara
231.	Taatammakala		30.08.1974	Bhanumathi	N.T.Ramarao	RamaKrishna
232.	Nippulanti Manishi	25.10.1974	Lata		S.D.Lal		Ravichitra
233.	Deeksha			26.11.1974	Jamuna		Pratyagatma	Sri Padmaja
234.	Sri Ramanjaneya-	10.01.1975	Sarojadevi	Bapu		Lakshminarayan
235.	Kathanayakunikatha	21.02.1975	Vanisri		D.Yoganand	Tarakarama
236.     Samsaaram		28.05.1975	Jamuna		T.Prakasarao	Anil Prod.
237.	Ramuniminchina-		12.06.1975	Vanisri		M.S.Gopinath	Rajeswari
238.	Annadammula -		04.07.1975	Kanchana	S.D.Lal		Gajalakshmi
239.	MayaMaschindra		09.07.1975	Vanisri		B.Mistri	P.S.R Pict.
240.	Teerpu			02.10.1975	Savitri		U.Viswesvarrao	Viswasanthi
241.	Eduruleni manishi	12.12.1975	Vanisri		K.Bapayya	Vaijayanthi
242.	Vemulavaada-		08.01.1976	Janaki		D.Yoganand	Ramakrishna
243.	Aaradhana		12.03.1976	Vanisri		B.V.prasad	SriBhaskara
244.	Manushalantaokkate	07.04.1976	Jamuna, Manjula	DasarinarayanaraoAditya chitra
245.	Magadu			19.05.1976	Manjula		S.D.Lal		Rajyam Prod.
246.	Neram Nadhi Kadhu-	22.07.1976	Manjula		S.D.Lal		Ravichitra
247.	Bangarumanishi		25.08.1976	Lakshmi		A.Bhimsingh	Triveni Prod.
248.	Maadaivam		17.09.1976	Jayachitra	S.S.Balan	Udayam Prod.
249.	Manchikimaroperu	09.12.1976	Padmapriya	C.S.Rao		Ramakrishna
250.	DaanaveerasuraKarna	14.01.1977	SarojadeviSaradaN.T.Ramarao	Ramakrishna
No.	Movie			Released	Heroine		Director	Banner  
251.	Adavi Ramudu		28.04.1977	Jayaprada	Raghavendrarao	SatyaChitra
252.	Edureeta		22.07.1977	vanisri		Madhusudhanrao	Indiramovies
253.	Chanakyachandragupt	25.08.1977	Jayaprada	N.T.Ramarao	Ramakrishna
254.	Maaiddarikatha		23.09.1977	Manjula, 	N.Ramesh	Adarsa Chitra
255.	Yamagola		21.10.1977	Jayaprada	T.Ramarao	Sri Pallavi
256.	Satee Savitri		04.01.1978	Vanisri		B.A.Subbarao	Lalitasivajyoti
257.	Melukolupu		13.01.1978	Jayaprada	B.V.Prasad	SriBhaskarchitra
258.	Akbarsaleemanarkali	15.03.1978	Jamuna		N.T.Ramarao	Tarakarama
259.	RamaKrishnulu		08.06.1978	Jayaprada 	RajendraPrasad	Annapurna
260.	Yugapurushudu		14.07.1978	Jayaprada	K.Bapayya	Vaijayanthi
261.	RajaputraRahasyam	28.07.1978	Jayaprada 	S.D.Lal		Jayalakshmi
262.	Simhabaludu		11.08.1978	Jayaprada 	Raghavendrarao	Tirupathi Prod.
263.	Sriramapattabishekam	07.09.1978	Sangita		N.T.Ramarao	Ramakrishna
264.	Sahasavantudu		06.10.1978	Vanisri		K.Bapayya	Tirupathi Pict.
265.	Lawyer Viswanath	17.11.1978	Jayasuda	S.D.Lal		Ravichitra Films
266.	K.D.No.1		15.12.1978	Jayasuda	Raghavendrarao	Devi Film Prod.
267.	Driver Raamudu		02.02.1979	Jayasuda	Raghavendrarao	Tarakarama
268.	Maavari manchitanam	09.03.1979	Vanisri		B.A.Subbarao	Bhaskarchitra
269.	Srimadvirataparvam	28.05.1979	Vanisri		N.T.Ramarao	Ramakrishna
270.	Vetagadu		05.07.1979	Sridevi		Raghavendrarao	Roja Movies
271.	Tiger			05.09.1979	Radha saluja	Ramesh		Navasakthi
272.	SriTirupatiVenkatesa-	28.09.1979	Jayaprada,JayasudaN.T.Ramarao	Ramakrishna
273.	Srungararamudu		22.11.1979	Lata		K.Sankar	Sathiyathayi
274.	Yugandhar		30.11.1979	Jayasuda	K.S.R.Das	Gajalakshmi
275.	ChallengeRamudu		12.01.1980	Jayaprada,Gita	T..L.V.Prasad	Anil Prod.
276.	Circus Ramudu		01.03.1980	Jayaprada,SujataDasarinarayanaraoK.C.Films
277.	Aatagadu		24.04.1980	Sridevi		T.Ramarao	Srivenkateswara
278.	Superman		10.07.1980	Jayaprada	Madhusudhanrao	LakshmiVishnu
279.	Rowdi ramudu-		15.08.1980	Sridevi		Raghavendrarao	Ramakrishna
            Konte krishnudu
280.	SardarPaparayudu	30.10.1980	Sridevi,Sarada	DasarinarayanaraoSri Annapurna
281.	Sarada Ramudu		14.11.1980	Jayasuda	K.Vasu		SayifEnterprises
282.	Premasimhasanam		14.01.1981	Manjubhargavi	B.Mastanrao	Tirupathi Intl.
283.	Gajadonga		30.01.1981	Jayasuda,SrideviRaghavendrarao	Vijayadurga
284.	Evaru Devudu		04.03.1981	Jamuna		A.Bhimsing	Bharat Movies
285	Tirugulenimanishi	03.04.1981	Rati		Raghavendrarao	Devi Film Prod.
286.	Satyam Sivam		28.05.1981	Rati,Sridevi	Raghavendrarao	EeswariCreation
287.	Viswaroopam		25.07.1981	Jayasuda,Ambika Raghavendrarao	KaviratnaMovie
288.	Aggiravva		14.08.1981	Sridevi		K.Bapayya	Ramakrishna
289.	Kondaveti Simham	07.10.1981	Sridevi,Jayanti Raghavendrarao	Rojamovies
290.	Mahapurushudu		21.11.1981	Jayasuda,Sujata Lakshmid	Aditya Chitra
291.	Anuragadevatra		09.01.1982	Jayasuda,SrideviT.Ramarao	Ramakishna
292.	KaliyugaRamudu		13.03.1982	Rati		K.Bapayya	Tiruathi Prod.
293.	Justice Chowdary	28.05.1982	Sridevi,Jayanti Raghavendrarao	Vijayalakshmi
294.	Bobbilipuli		09.07.1982	Sridevi,JayachitraDasarinarayanaraoVijayamadavi
295.	Vayyaru bhamalu-	20.08.1982	Sridevi,Radhika K.Subbarao	G.R.P.Arts
296.	Naadesam		27.10.1982	Jayasuda	K.Bapayya	Pallavidevi
297.	SimhamNavvindi		03.03.1983	Prabha		D.Yoganand	Ramakrishna
298.	Chandasasanudu		28.05.1983	Sarada,Radha	N.T.Ramarao	Ramakrishna
299.	Srimadviratapotluri-	29.11.1984	Prabha,Kanchana N.T.Ramarao	Ramakrishna
            Swami Charitra
300.	Brahmarshiviswamitra	19.04.1991	MeenakshisheshadriN.T.Ramarao	Basavatarakam
301.	Samrat Asoka		28.05.1992	VaniViswanath	N.T.Ramarao	Ramakrishna
302.	Major Chandrakanth	23.04.1993	Sarada		Raghavendrarao	Lakshmiprasuna
303.	Srinaatha Kavi-		21.10.1993	Jayasuda	Bapu		SrimatiMovie

Nandamuri Balakrishna

Born Nandamuri Balakrishna

June 10, 1960 (age 49)

Chennai, India

Other name(s) NBK, Balayya, Yuvaratna
Occupation Actor, Politician

Nandamuri Balakrishna (born 10 June 1960 ) is a famous Tollywood actor. His movie career spans 30 years. He is the son of the former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, actor Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao.

Nandamuri Balakrishna entered the film Industry at the age of 14 through his home production Tathammakala, in which he had the opportuinty to work with the two legends of Tollywood, Late Sri NTR and Dr. Bhanumati Ramakrishna. For 10 successive years he acted off and on in movies mostly produced under his home production. 1984 is the year when his first movie as a solo hero was released and interestingly he acted in very less number of movies made under his home productions after that.

Even though entered the film industry because of his father, later his hard work, discipline, talent and dedication made him stand in the industry. He had been acting in movies for the past 27 years but unlike some of his peers, he never cared to celebrate the 10th or the 25th anniversaries of his movie career. He is a simple person and likes to stay away from publicity, which is one of the factors that didn’t get him the due recognition. He believes in astrology and numerology and doesn’t want to do things in “Rahu Kalam”.

He acted in a movie called annadammula anubandham, a remake of Dharmendra’s hindi hit yadonki barat at the age of 16. Upon watching this movie, the other legend of the Telugu film industry Sri. ANR’s comment was “Simham Kadupuna Simham Puttindi”. Interestingly he acted in a brother’s role to his real life father in that movie as well as in “Roudi Ramudu Konte Krishnudu”, and in a son’s role to his real life brother Hari Krishna in the movie “Dana Veera Sura Karna”. He won the hearts of many people for his role of “Abimanyudu” in that movie, which also had his legendary father dominating most of the scenes in a triple role. In the year 1984, he acted in 3 blockbusters, “Mangamma gari Manavadu”, “Kathanayakudu” and his home production “Sri Madvirat Potuluri Virabrahmendra Swamy Charitra”.

In the year 1986, he had delivered 6 hits in a row. During the year of 1993 only two of his movies were released and surprisingly both of them were released on the same day. This is one of the unique feats that none of his contemporaries would ever dare to try. He bid farewell to the previous millennium in style by giving the biggest hit of the previous millennium with “Smara Simha Reddy”. The one thing his fans are eagerly looking from him is a superduper hit in the combination of ace director Sri. K.Raghavendra Rao, who had given such blockbusters like Adavi Ramudu, Vetagadu etc. This combination was able to deliver only a mediocre hit (Apurva sahodarulu) and an average hit (Aattabishekam) out of the 5 movies they did so far.

Balayya is famous for his roles in the movies made with village backdrop. The undeniable factor is that, among his contemporaries, he is the only hero who is best suitable for playing the mythological and folklore roles in movies, for which his legendary father was famous. He worked as an associate director for his father’s last directional venture (Samrat Asoka).An ardent fan and admirer of his father, he had equal if not more respect for his father’s contemporaries. His dream projects are Gona Ganna Reddi and Chenghis Khan and want to direct these movies under his own banner. He needs to improve in the areas of proper planning and needs to adapt quickly to the changing trends in the industry.

We at Balayya fans wish him on the occasion of his 49th Birthday(10th June 2008) and wish him all success in his future projects and life.


1.) Dhanraj (2010) (Announced) :: Actor
2.) Bheeshma (2010) (Filming) :: Actor
3.) Simha (2010) (Filming) :: Actor
4.) Mitrudu (2009) :: Actor
5.) Pandurangadu (2008) :: Actor
6.) Okka Magadu (2008) :: Actor
7.) Maharadhi (2007) :: Actor
8.) Veerabhadra (2006) :: Actor
9.) Allari Pidugu (2005) :: Actor
10.) Vijayendra Varama (2004) :: Actor
11.) 24 Gantalu (2004) :: Actor
12.) Laxminarasimha (2004) :: Actor
13.) Palnati Brahmanaidu (2003) :: Actor
14.) Chennakesavareddy (2002) :: Actor
15.) Seema Simham (2002) :: Actor
16.) Bhalevadivi Basu (2001) :: Actor
17.) Narasimha Naidu (2001) :: Actor
18.) Goppinti Alludu (2000) :: Actor
19.) Vamsodarakudu (2000) :: Actor
20.) Krishna Babu (1999) :: Actor
21.) Sultan (1999) :: Actor
22.) Samarasimha Reddy (1999) :: Actor
23.) Pavithra Prema (1998) :: Actor
24.) Yuvarathna Rana (1998) :: Actor
25.) Pedda Annayya (1997) :: Actor
26.) Devudu (1997) :: Actor
27.) Muddula Moghudu (1997) :: Actor
28.) Vamshaniki Okkadu (1996) :: Actor
29.) Sri Krishnaarjuna Vijayam (1996) :: Actor
30.) Matho Pettukoku (1995) :: Actor
31.) Bobbili Simham (1994) :: Actor
32.) Gandeevam (1994) :: Actor
33.) Bhairava Dweepam (1994) :: Actor
34.) Top Hero (1994) :: Actor
35.) Nippu Ravva (1993) :: Actor
36.) Bangaru Bullodu (1993) :: Actor
37.) Ashwamedham (1992) :: Actor
38.) Rowdy Inspector (1992) :: Actor
39.) Samrat Ashok (1992) :: Actor
40.) Dharma Kshetram (1992) :: Actor
41.) Aditya 369 (1991) :: Actor
42.) Talli Tandrulu (1991) :: Actor
43.) Nari Nari Naduma Murari (1990) :: Actor
44.) Lorry Driver (1990) :: Actor
45.) Prananiki Pranam (1990) :: Actor
46.) Judgement (1990) :: Actor
47.) Muddula Menalludu (1990) :: Actor
48.) Bhale Donga (1989) :: Actor
49.) Bala Gopaludu (1989) :: Actor
50.) Ashoka Chakravarthy (1989) :: Actor
51.) Muddula Mamaiah (1989) :: Actor
52.) Rakthabhisekham (1988) :: Actor
53.) Inspector Pratap (1988) :: Actor
54.) Bharathamlo Balachandrudu (1988) :: Actor
55.) Donga Ramudu (1988) :: Actor
56.) Theeragabadda Telugubidda (1988) :: Actor
57.) Ramudu Bheemudu (1988) :: Actor
58.) Bhamumathi Gari Mogudu (1987) :: Actor
59.) Allari Krishnaiah (1987) :: Actor
60.) Bhargava Ramudu (1987) :: Actor
61.) Sahasa Samrat (1987) :: Actor
62.) Presidentgari Abbayi (1987) :: Actor
63.) Movva Gopaludu (1987) :: Actor
64.) Ramu (1987) :: Actor
65.) Desodharakudu (1986) :: Actor
66.) Seetharama Kalyanam (1986) :: Actor
67.) Nippulanti Manishi  (1986) :: Actor
68.) Muddula Krishnayya (1986) :: Actor
69.) Anasuyamma Gari Alludu (1986) :: Actor
70.) Kaliyuga Krihsna (1986) :: Actor
71.) Apoorva Sahodarulu (1986) :: Actor
72.) Bharyabhartala Bhandam (1985) :: Actor
73.) Babai Abbai (1985) :: Actor
74.) Atma Bhalam (1985) :: Actor
75.) Bhale Thammudu (1985) :: Actor
76.) Kattula Kodaiah (1985) :: Actor
77.) Pattabhi Shekam (1985) :: Actor
78.) Katha Nayakudu (1984) :: Actor
79.) Sri Veera Brahmendra Swami Cheritra (1984) :: Actor
80.) Palnati Puli (1984) :: Actor
81.) Janani Janmabhoomi (1984) :: Actor
82.) Sahasame Jeevitham (1984) :: Actor
83.) Disko King (1984) :: Actor
84.) Mangammagari Manavadu (1984) :: Actor
85.) Simham Navvindi (1983) :: Actor
86.) Muddula Mogudu (1983) :: Actor
87.) Anuraghadevatha (1982) :: Actor
88.) Pavithra Prema (1981) :: Actor
89.) Rowdi Ramudu Kontekrishnudu (1980) :: Actor
90.) Sri Madvirata Parvam (1979) :: Actor
91.) Shri Tirupati Venkateswara Kalyanam (1979) :: Actor
92.) Akbar Sallem Anarkali (1978) :: Actor
93.) Daana Veera Shoora Karna (1977) :: Actor
94.) Annadammula Anubhandam (1975) :: Actor
95.) Tatamma Kala (1974) :: Actor
96.) Ram-Rahim (1974) :: Actor

N. T. Rama Rao Jr.

Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao Jr May 20, 1983 (age 26)

Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao (born 20 May 1983)  more popularly known as NTR Jr.,Tarak, or just  NTR, is a popular Indian film actor. He is a grandson  of Late Shri Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao, who is a  legendary actor, statesman, and former Chief  Minister of Andhra Pradesh. He is the son of Sri.    Nandamuri Harikrishna (NTR’s son) and Smt. Shalini.  He is fondly called as Tarak by his family, friends and  close associates. Later, he changed his name to Taraka Rama Rao in honor of his grandfather. Many  cine and political analysts believe that he is the next  big star from the Nandamuri family.

Tarak began his career as a Kuchipudi dancer and a child artist. His first step into Tollywood was with the movie Bala Ramayanam, directed by Gunasekhar. Ironically, his character in the movie was Lord Sri Rama, a role “patented” by his grandfather NTR ! After a few years, Tarak made his re-entry into the Tollywood with Ninnu Choodalani in 2001; but it failed to perform well at the box office. He went on to gain fame with Student No. 1 (also released in 2001), directed by S.S. Rajamouli, followed by Subbu and Aadi, which was a blockbuster, and created huge stardom for Tarak. In January 2003, Tarak came up with Naaga; though the movie raised some political issues worth giving a thought, it was average at box-office. However, in July 2003, his movie Simhadri became a block-buster and the highest grossing film in Tollywood, and made Tarak and director Rajamouli as household names. At the age of 20, he became a sensation of his generation and gave his seniors a run for their glory. When asked, what message would he like to give to fans, he responded by saying “I’m too young to give any message to all those who have so much respect and love for the Nandamuri family and me. I simply bow my head to them.” His first release of 2004, Andhrawala, flopped at the box office, but the next movie, Samba, did better, and was at the top of the box office for fifty days. In 2005 his two releases, Naa Alludu and Narasimhudu, flopped at the box office. In 2006, his movie Ashok had good openings, His next movie Rakhi, which proved a success at the box office, has gained Tarak admirable reviews from fans and critics alike. The movie was directed by Krishna Vamsi. His next movie, Yamadonga, which was inspired by his grandfather’s blockbuster Yamagola, released on 15 August 2007. The movie brought him back into the super-hit stream, and became the sensational movie of the year 2007 in Tollywood. His latest release, Kantri, which exposed his superb skill of dancing, has also done well at the box-office,But the film is not up to the mark.This is for the first time, that Tarak has given two hit movies in a row. His all-round acting abilities, and wonderful performance in 2007 blockbuster Yamadonga, made Late Legendary Actor Shoban Babu remark Tarak as one of his favorite actors in this generation, and reckoned that Tarak has done everything in such a short span of time to impress everyone.

Jr. NTR’s next film was Kantri, which was released on May 2008. Very high Range of expectation, the film had bad face on screen with respectable box office collections. Adhurs was released in January 2010, is successfully running in theaters.

Personal life

NTR is son of Nandamuri Harikrishna, grand son of Andhra Pradesh’s Former Chief Minister NTR.Jr. NTR’s wedding was announced on Jan 28, 2010 withLakshmi Pranathi Narne (aged 17), daughter of Srinivas Narne, Chairman of Studio N and a real estate tycoon. There are rumors that an engagement will be formally announced in Feb 2010; with a wedding date around May 2010.



Year Film Role Notes
1991 Brahmarshi Viswamithra Child artist
1996 Bala Ramayanam Lord Rama Child artist
2001 Ninnu Choodalani Venu
Student No. 1 Aditya
Subbu Subbu
2002 Aadi Aadi Keshava Reddy Winner, Nandi Award for Special Jury
Allari Ramudu Ramakrishna
2003 Naaga Naaga
Simhadri Simhadri Winner, Santosham Best Young Performer Award
2004 Andhrawala Shankar Pehalwan, Munna
Samba Samba Shiva Naidu
2005 Naa Alludu Karthik, Murugan
Narasimhudu Kondaveeti Narasimhudu
2006 Ashok Ashok
Rakhi Ramakrishna
2007 Yamadonga Raja Winner, Filmfare Award for Best Telugu ActorWinner, CineMAA Award for Best Actor
2008 Kanthri Kranthi Nominated, Filmfare Best Telugu Actor AwardWinner, South Scope Telugu Stylish Actor Award
Chintakayala Ravi Special appearance in song “Shava Shava… Balle Balle”
2010 Adhurs Narasimha, Narasimha (Chari) First week Collections 25,73,16,127
Brindaavanam Filming
Shakti Filming